Tuesday, June 30, 2009

okay. first off. i promise I'm going to be better about updating this thing. in fact, i was about to describe how i "start off strong" but i don't exactly think one post is any kind of foundation to prove a point.

regardless, here's a few things that i have coming up...

July 2nd - July 5th
i have a drawing showing at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. which is actually kind of bonkers because that's the same place Nicolas Cage filmed National Treasure, its also some place that's "important to American history" or something of the sort. oh, and on the 2nd, China is giving Philly a giant statue of Abe Lincoln. which is sort of like Philadelphia's crappy version of the Statue of Liberty gift, and unfortunately it will still be overshadowed by the Rocky statue in front of the art museum. bummer.

Anyway, the show will be all weekend long, you can go HERE for more info on that, and all the other events as well.
just think, my art + nicolas cage movie set = good times.

July 3rd

compound warehaus (the home to my studio and art collective respectively) was invited to curate and host a one night only art show upstairs at the Khyber. we have a nice little evening planned for you with tons of people showing some excellent things, and even a special treat or two.
i (probably inappropriately) blogged about it HERE earlier, so check that out.

July 3rd
Pabst Blue Ribbon and Compound Warehaus present:
56 s. 2nd st.
Philadelphia pa

come take a peek and get wild and crazy because this weeks all patriotic and junk. Birthplace of freedom and all that, get excited!

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